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Eastwick Schools

Eastwick Schools

Religious Education


The RE curriculum at Eastwick meets the requirements of the National Curriculum, the Surrey Agreed Syllabus 2023-2028 and the school’s Curriculum Ethos. Therefore, it prepares children to be ‘Ready for Everything’ in their futures in terms of: 

  • Success in the next stage of their education and beyond: by demonstrating an appreciation of the nature of religion and belief; developing knowledge and understanding of Christianity the other principal religions and beliefs represented in the UK, both through their history and their contemporary diverse expressions
  • their ability to navigate life’s personal Challenge: by appreciating the important contribution of religious, non-religious and spiritual insights and values to the individual’s search for meaning in life, therefore enhancing their own spiritual, moral, social and cultural development
  • understanding their place in communities at global, national and local levels and seize the Opportunity of the future: by developing the ability to make reasoned, informed, inclusive and creative responses to religious and moral issues; recognising the influence of worldviews, beliefs, values and traditions on the individual, on culture and on communities throughout the world


  • In Reception, pupils are taught elements of religious education that prepare them for the Year 1 curriculum.
  • Our curriculum in Years 1-6 uses units from the Surrey Agreed Syllabus 2023-28.
  •  Knowledge is built progressively throughout Key Stage 1 and 2. Pupils revisit the key knowledge themes (see below) on a cyclical basis.  Each time a key knowledge theme is revisited, a different aspect is covered, therefore increasing children’s breadth and depth of knowledge.  Prior knowledge is recalled and utilised so that pupils build on previous foundations.    

Key Knowledge Themes:








Units taught (Years 1-6):

Year 1 

CHRISTIANITY: Why do Christians call God ‘creator’? 

CHRISTIANITY: What is the ‘Nativity’ and why is it important to Christians? 

CHRISTIANITY: What do Christians learn from stories of Jesus? 

JUDAISM: What is the Torah & why is it so important to Jewish families? 

JUDAISM: Why do Jewish families celebrate the gift of Shabbat? 

THEMATIC: Why do people tell stories? 

Year 2 

CHRISTIANITY: What is God like for Christians? 

CHRISTIANITY: Why is giving important to Christians? 

CHRISTIANITY: Why do Christians call Jesus ‘Saviour’? 

ISLAM: Who is Allah and how do Muslims worship him? 

ISLAM: What is important for Muslim families? 

THEMATIC: Why should we look after the world? 

Year 3 

CHRISTIANITY: What’s the Bible’s ‘big story’ – and why is it like treasure for Christians?  


CHRISTIANITY: How can artists help us to understand what Christians believe and do? 


CHRISTIANITY: How did Jesus change lives – and how is it ‘good news?’ 


JUDAISM: What are important times for Jewish people? 

SIKHISM: What do Sikhs value? 


THEMATIC: How do people try to make the world a fairer place? 

Year 4 

CHRISTIANITY: What did God promise to his people?  

CHRISTIANITY: What did Jesus say about God’s kingdom & why is it ‘good news’? 

CHRISTIANITY: For Christians, is communion a celebration, or an act of remembrance? 

ISLAM: How does ‘ibadah’ (worship) show what’s important to Muslims? 

HUMANISM: How do non-religious people celebrate new life? 




THEMATIC: Why do people make promises? 

Year 5 

CHRISTIANITY: What do Christians believe about creation? 

CHRISTIANITY: How did the Church begin, and where is it now? 

CHRISTIANITY: Why is the idea of ‘rescue’ so important to Christians? 

HINDU (SANATAN) DHARMA: What helps Hindus to worship? 


HINDU (SANATAN) DHARMA: Why should Hindus live a good life? 


THEMATIC: Is life a journey? 

Year 6 

CHRISTIANITY: How is God Three – and yet One? 



CHRISTIANITY: What do Christians believe about the Messiah – and why is it good news? 

CHRISTIANITY: For Christians, what difference does it make to belong to God’s Kingdom? 

BUDDHISM: What is the ‘Buddhist way of life’? 

ISLAM: What helps Muslims to live a good life? 

THEMATIC: Who am I and where do I belong?